Day 162: Thu 1 June 2023

Another day walking around the lake. It’s getting warmer.

Set off about 10, stopped at half twelve for a welcome cheese and sour cream langos and a pint. The place made a big deal of its menu that it was established in 2022, all those years ago.

Continued on to end and another huge campsite with another wristband. Like yesterday’s this had a one way tightening method, meaning is you out it on tio tightly, it was going to act as a tournique and your hand was going to fall off. I put today’s on more gently.

Found a bar near campsite and had a burger. The blonde waitress asked me if i was cycling. I said I’d walked from england. I had to say it a few times for it to sink in. Then she told all the other staff members. She kept repeating her single English word “perfect”.

Not much else to say. Just slogging through these last days. Wrote to Saturday’s hotel for reservation but have heard nothing yet.

Distance today (km): 18, total 2818

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