Day 164: Sat 3 June 2023

Walked away from the lake and so had more varied terrain, roads, dry mud paths, gravel paths and one path so covered in grass i was a bit worried about snakes.

Speaking of which, i saw lots of wildlife today: deer and pheasants but the best came after the grassy track. Just as it cleared i saw to super cute baby wild boar run across the path. Oh shit, i thought. If mum was still on the other side of the path and i was in the middle, then she’d probably attack me. Another path was meeting up here and saw i backtracked and disappeared around the corner for a couple of minute. Then singing loudly, giving all the piggies plenty of time to react, i reappeared and survived.

Reached hotel. Room so hot. Even opening window didnt help. Had a chicken schnitzel and chips and cucumber salad with sour cream and a lovely proper bath. Not full length but not bad.

Distance today (km): 24, total 2863

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