Day 17: Sun 17th April 2022

Packed up and set off. Sat at a bench and got talking to a guy who worked for home office in immigration. Seemed like a nice guy but said problem letting people in is that some bad people want to come in too. In a situation like Ukraine surely its better to let the poor sods in and then find out who are the bad ones later.

Hit sheffield proper after coming down from the hills and passed hillsborough, cathedral, popped into starbucks and asked for a steak bake because I’d missed up the door with greggs next door. Saw sheaf square and its fountains. Sheffield seemed like a bigger and slightly more together version of blackburn. Later passed bramall lane and then walked up hills to reach rob’s house in newfield green. A lot of the area to reach it looked a bit rough.

Nice guy and mrs nazanin great too. Shes iranian but doesnt seem to like england much. Difficult to find friends. And she didnt get on with iranian community here because they are all refugees, living on the sick and out drinking coffee all day, dolled up and they had a go at her because she’d come straight from work.

Nazanin (unfortunately shortened to Nazi though pronounced nasi) made lovely iranian meal that translated simply at meat and greens but with loads of herbs and great rice.

Walked all night and me and rob got through 4 bottles of wine. He even snoked which he shouldnt do because he had a heart attack recently and had stents fitted.
He used to teach tefl all over the teach, thats how he knew michael, but now does something more admin based at the unis here.

Distance today (km) 15, total 248.4

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