Day 18: Mon 18th April 2022

Great night’s sleep although battery pack hadnt moved off bar 1 all night and so i assume it’s not charging.

Got up, had some toast with Rob and said our goodbyes.

The walk out of sheffield was more fairly grim council estates. Then a more attractive country route. eatimated 2 hrs to Apperknowle and thats exactly what it took and so i was there an hour early.

More stuff about Phils christian conversion see this week’s blog.

Gary and helen turned up and we went inside to eat cos of a cold wind. Lovely mac n cheese and 2 pints. They shared a massive pork pie/cheese board.

Nice to see them again. Helen insisting she’ll meet up with me in Sarajevo. That’d be great.

Tried to charge my battery pack in their car but still on 1 bar. They also took my sandals and said theyd take them to spain.
Interesting rural walk, then canalside, close enough to centre of chesterfield to see the twisted spire.

Getting a little desperate for somewhere to sleep after one possibility in woods next to golf club.

Saw big farm on hill. Couldnt find farmhouse but woman putting out bins. I asked her and she said i could camp on her land, a rutted horse field but i found a flat patch. Pete and Claire McKinley Smith and live at number 5.

Longest day i think today.

Battery pack charged phone tonight and still on 1. Maybe its only the lights that are buggered.

Distance today (km) 25, total 273.4

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