Day 19: Tue 19th Apr 2022

Tried to thank my hosts but only dogs at their house.

Once again through council estates and then hit countryside. Met 2 elderly cyclists. “There’s another one of us but he’s had to stop for a call of nature. He has bowel problems.” Unnecessary detail. One of them told me to padlock my rucksack to my bag in Nottingham, whereas elsewhere I’d been told there are 4 girls to every guy.

Wasnt feeling it today. Right foot felt a bit sore, not blister, just the side of my foot.

Chatted to a bloke in a van. Said he’d been in the army. Asked how much they carried. Could be 50kg or more. Said if he knelt down he needed another soldier to get him back on his feet. I said i should stop complaining about my little bag. No, i couldnt do what youre doing now. Bet he could.

Discovered my route took me past a campsite and saw packed in early. Nice couple running it planning to cycle the world “as soon as we know someone who wants to buy a campsite”. Let me stay for free. Facilities here are gorgeous. Guy said he built them.

Had lunch sat on picnic bench. Then bought snacks and made my first stove cup of tea.
Noticed they sold Dog Ice Cream. Said i was always up for trying weird flavours but theyd sold out. And it was for dogs, not flavoured with them.

Weather’s been nice again and set to continue till thursday.

Distance today (km) 10, total 283.4

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