Day 2: Sat 2nd April 2022

Today was much better than yesterday. Early start and on to ferry. Arrived in Heysham. Got some buns for bfast. Prepared for the boring dual carriageway to Lancaster but found a prettier long-cut. Since i have to do 25K miles regardless, theres no point doing boring and short over nicer but longer. Path took me down to the river. At one point road was flooded and so i went off piste but then came to the stream flooding the road. Figured i could jump it, and i nearly did. The edge was softer than expected and up to my right knee. Shortly after got speaking to peter, an 80 yr old on electric bike. He looked mid sixties. We had a nice chat about the walk but im soon gonna get bored talking about myself all the time.

Reached Lancaster over the slightly skanky Carlisle bridge and soon got to the priory. Lovely building. Some singing event was going on inside and so i left them to it. Theres also a weird amphitheatre there where all the seats are tiered tombs. Odd.

Into town and a visit to greggs for two pasties and a coffee to warm me up a bit. Only cools down when i stop. Lancaster city centre busy but nondescript as is the norm.
Then to the ashton memorial, a pretty folly in a pleasant park. Had fun recording a mini city walk video. We’ll see how it turns out.

Then into the trough of bowland, up a massive hill. Started looking for farms about half 5 but took till 7 before someone answered door. Farmers son said i could stay in field. So i set up and am typing this with shivery fingers. Sgonna be a cold night. Hope i had enough heat.

And no phone signal to post this. Damn!

Distance today (km) 25.4, total 51.3

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