Day 20: Wed 20th April 2022

Fretting about power pack and my lack of ability to do anything without my phone. Arranged to try a test charge at the campsite office for an hour. From completely empty it was able to charge by phone a bit so it’s not completely buggered.

Then thought, if i stay here another day and leave it on charge I’ll know once and for all if it’s broken. So paid a tenner and stayed.
Walked into town sutton-in-ashfield and bought new trainers. Apologised for state of old ones to an assistant who thought she was on Towie. I’ve seen worse she said. This is sutton. It does look a little rough around the edges.

This was still early and so bought an i newspaper and took me to wetherspoons for a breakfast and several refillable coffees.

Blagged a biro from the newsagent.

Walked back, trainers very comfy, showered partly wearing dirty tshirt to wash it and some socks.

Then to onsite picnic bench to read. Nearest tent had a guinea pig roming around it. Got speaking to owner of the pig, rachel. She was there a week while the tenancy on her house completed. A few months earlier her husband had committed suicide, seemingly not totally unexpectedly. Was drinker but then stopped. He was quiet man whereas she was outspoken. Both worked at b&q, she a store manager, him lower down. He’d put b&q uniform on to hang himself. They had 6 year old daughter and rachel thought thats why he’d never do it. Seemed like strong lass coming to terms with it but must be bloody rough. Moving to peterborough where parents live but struggling to get daughter into preferred school. No room in her year but space in year above, that her current headmaster she’d easily manage.

Nice if sombre chat. How dont you feel totally abandoned? But she isnt religious and said at least he isnt tortured any more.

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