Day 21: Thu 21st April 2022

Today started well. The battery pack is fine and now fully recharged.

But the rest was less good. The weather was excellent but sutton in ashfield is a toilet although im sure the folk are fine. The other places on my way to nottingham werent great either.

Stopped for 2 donuts and a pot of tea in morrissons and filled up the water bottles.
And then several miles on a boring dual carriageway, saved only by a couple of french lessons.

Planned to camp in wood on the edge of Nottingham but too many people about and too many paths criss crossing the place. Remembered the cheap hotel I’d found on and booked it rather than wander the streets at night or walk back out of town. Means I’m closer to centre tomorrow too. Room basic but kettle has already provided 4 big cups of tea.

Not much to say but not much of note happened. Urban britain is bloody grim.

Distance today (km) 26, total 309

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