Day 22: Fri 22nd April 2022

Filled up on tea before I left the hotel. Only cheap but very warm and perfectly comfortable. Finished loaf and peanut butter for bfast and ditched heavy food bag, lightening my load.

Walked into the centre of nottingham and saw the huge central market square with impressive town hall.

Then looked around the shopping part for a while but thats just the same old stuff. Popped into The Works for a cheap AA atlas but nothing spiral bound for easy tear out. Ill keep looking.

Then to the castle and ye olde trip to jerusalem, claiming to be the oldest pub in england, formed in 1189. Name came from richard the lionheart using it as a stopping point on crusades. You can tell you’ve deunk too much when it leads to a crusade. Pub looked old and cave-like. Had a lovely pint of plum porter. Also learnt about Daniel Lambert, once the fattest man ever at 50 stones, got rich from selling chats with him a la freak show. Also a cursed galleon on the bar in a glass case that looked like an old ship covered in ear wax.

Then to castle. Robin hood statue outside. Well, assume its him. Guy with a bow and arrow.

Headed through a nicer, leafier bit of Nottingham. Stopped at a tesco and bought cheesy baps and salami for homemade sandwich.

Then on to highlight of day, wollaton park. Huge, loads of deer running free, spectacular woolaton hall and a big lake.

Onwards to the plantation I’d hoped to be my bed for the night but too open even if unlikely that people would be walking around it. So popped into a farm and farmer let me sleep in his field.

Arranged to meet dave and ange in man of steel or maybe iron, a pub about 2 miles from here at noon tomorrow.

Distance today (km) 16, total 325

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