Day 23: Sat 23rd April 2022

Lateish start knowing i wasnt meeting dave until 12 and only 2 miles away.

On way met a bloke who seemed sane enough but pointed to some hills in the distance and said i should that route. Wasnt even the right direction.

When i asked if the pub I’d chosen in stapleford was ok (man of iron) he said yes but not as good as horse and jockey. Neither google nor has ever heard of it.

Anyway, walked there doing a french lesson and the pub looked ropey as hell. Another search indicated no food. And it was shut.

They all arrived and so, having found a better option online, we all jumped in car on condition theyd drop me back here afterwards.

Kyro had made me a chicken fajita to have as my tea later, which was kind. Went to The Plough. Couple pints of Ghost Ship and a very nice mixed grill. Good to see them all again. Nicki has been with him 8 yrs already and is a social worker. Kyro is jacking his phd to concentrate on crypto currency. They were off afterwards to play an adult crazy golf called glory holes.

Dropped me back at first pub and walked. Through fields and by dried up canals. Nothing terrible, nothing great.

Then as i was tiring i saw i was passing a campsite. Arrived to find people on the inside but the doors padlocked shut. A passerby let me in but then i phoned owner and she said they were full, despite there being empty fields. Directed me to another site 1.5 miles away. Hadnt seen anywhere i could have wildcamped on way and so walked there. Guy let me have £20 stay for £15 but i haggled him down to £10.

Distance today (km) 18, total 343

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