Day 24: Sun 24th April 2022

Today must be worst food day yet. Got going shortly after 10 and route took me through elvaston castle grounds. Knowing no food opps this morning i stopped in cafe for overpriced coffee and rocky road cake.

Continued. Nice walking today once the housing estates were finished, some by canals, some open fields and through the grounds of repton prep school. Very grand.
Still no more food opps and then saw i was passing a tea room. Turned out to be a pub. Sign said they did sandwiches. Went in, ordered pint, no sandwiches because a function later. Saw bought most filling snacks they had: mini cheddars and pork scratchings. Nice ro chill outside in sun with my bags on crap.

Kept on going. About 20km by now. Woman slows car and asks if i want a lift. Sounded iranian. No thanks, im walking around the world. Big smile followed by good luck then.

Later on older woman said nice day for a walk and i said better without the big bag. She asked where i was going. I told her. She gave me a look of complete disbelief. Enjoy your afternoon, she said and left.

Hit small town of stapenhill and saw little supermarket. Also useful bread was sold out but they had carrot cake. Healthy option after today’s other shit.

Walked out of town. Found some unlovely looking woods. Had path through but a slight hill i could hide tent behind. Should be ok.

Distance today (km) 29, total 372

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