Day 25: Mon 25th April 2022

Actually slept properly last night with loads of dreams and kept nodding off right up until it was time to go at 0930. It had been a good spot to camp.

Today the route was entirely middle class houses and canals, which was lovely but mean few shops. (Dont the middle classes need to pop out for a loaf.)

And then a few hours in i saw a sign that said snack bar on the edge of a little industrial estate. I bought a sausage bap, a bacon bap and two teas. Nice but not the same class as Penistone.

There i spoke to a sprightly 80 yr old who said he’d lost his wife 6 yrs earlier, not dead but in a home with alzheimers. Doesnt recognise him. Must be awful. Seemed like a nice bloke and then started to rant about things not being the same any more and having a pop at immigrants. He’d just discovered he had asbestosis.

The walk carried on. sent me on a dodgy path. As i popped out the end, a bloke asked if it really askes because they’d never seen anyone else use it. Then name it after me, i said.

My early entry to Lichfield was shafted by the fecking HS2 blocking by path and adding an additional 2 or 3 miles to my route.

But arrived in Lichfield and very lovely it is too. Cathedral great, went inside just as choir was about to kick off. Told i mustnt take photos of them.

Then popped into spoons for mini pizza dinner and pint.

Left town too soon and wander a couple of miles away looking for a farm, but found what looked like wasteground with trees. A sign said it was protected by dogs but i thought a better first step was a fence rather than a hedge with loads of holes in it.

Anywhere, there i am. 3 hrs now and no dogs.

Distance today (km) 27, total 399

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