Day 26: Tue 26th April 2022

Was planning to set off at 10 but thought i heard dogs at half 8 and so packed up and going by 9. Probably just someone on the road with a terrier.

Todays route into birmingham was surprisingly mundane compared to other cities so far.

Went through a golf course where 4 elderly women asked me to halt while they took their shots because they didn’t want to injure me. With the way their shots all pinged off in different directions I was never in danger. routed me through a private road full of beautiful houses full of terrified people who didnt want to lose their money. I bet they spend more on security than i spend on living.

After a tedious section through Kingstanding i hit a major asian area although it looked far more afluent than blackburn’s. A lovely waft of spices wafted through the streets, with the occasional air of weed.

A chubby bloke wished me a nice day and told me he was 52. (He looked 10 yrs older.) I said im 52 next month and so he wished me happy birthday and then showed me the present watch someone (presumably gay lover) had given him. It looked like a rolex copy designed by kim kardashian and a flock of magpies, gaudy sparkly shite. Told him i was walking around the world. Heard him muttering to himself im not sure i believe that.

Found the house after all the hassle and got the key from the security box. Room not bad but it aint a hotel, just a terraced house split into rooms. It’ll do.

Popped to nearby lidl for snacks and a bottle of cheap wine.

Feet flet a bit ragged today but 1% of the distance is now done.

The closer I got to birmingham centre today the more people avoided my gaze or gave me that brave little smile.

Distance today (km) 26, total 425

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