Day 28: Thu 28th April 2022

Didnt leave the house until about half ten and then i ambled out of birmingham past edgbaston reservoir as well as edgbaston cricket ground. Nothing much else to report for the city itself.

On the edge of town i found Moseley Bog, a swamp patch of forest that apparently inspired tolkein in his foresty creations. Wooden walkways allowed you to negotiate it but it was all a bit underwhelming.

Stopped for some sweets, like butter mints but swap mint for ginger. And i also got a pot of tea and a big biscuit in tesco when my feet got tired. It was in there i decided to aim for the nearest wood rather than the planned one still 6 miles away.

Was very tempted by a roundabout forest but figured I’d be seen getting in. Next little wood was very accessible, no paths and i found a hidden patch within the holly bushes. As i type this some weird creatures is sort of barking not far from the tent. Deer?

No decent food with me and so polished off the golden syrup cake i bought as i was leaving manchester.

Passed more housing estates today and it made me think about these little plots, all looking the same, are the sum total of some people’s ambitions, and i struggled to get my head around that.

The creature is still barking.

Distance today (km) 21, total 446

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