Day 29: Fri 29th April 2022

Best woods yet last night. Still, going by 10. Knew there was a little aupermarket just down road and so held off bfast. But before then saw a snack bar. Cup of tea and a sausage and bacon butty that wasnt even charged because halifax wanted me to enter a pin. Didnt know this till afterwards. Not she why she didnt see it, but free bfast!
In supermarket got a couple of pasties for later.

Walked down the canal all day. Really quite lovely. Seems like a nice pace of life. A bit of space on the water. I wonder how much it all costs.

Stopped for a cider and to refill water bottles at halfway. Then passed hatton locks, loads of ’em.

Route finally went through leamington spa where there was supposed to be a forest.

Turned out to be a park with some foresty bits. At seven all the dog walkers were leaving and so i set up tent inside an isolated patch of trees, someone no one would walk through. Sadly though, now 8, park is filling up with kids. Supposes to get cold later and hopefully that will freeze them all out.

Not happy camping here under these circumstances. Will have to leave pretty early too.

Distance today (km) 29, total 475

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