Day 30: Sat 30th April 2022

Terrible night’s sleep. Tent at an angle and so constantly sliding sideways. Started to sleep from about 5 or 6 but woke myself up with my own snoring. Eventually got going before 9.

Lovely on canal again. Saw a rat who swam across once he saw me.

Morning uneventful until changed route to get to lunchtime tesco. said a fenced off path was a right of way. I climbed it. It was the well manicured driveway of a grand old house. All well until i get to the massive gate. Large barbed wire fence on one side. Noticed other side seemed to have fenced slightly pulled back. Climbed into that field, threw my bags over the gap and squeezed through gap. Had i been a stone heavier i would have been stuck.

At tesco got orange juice, 2 x chelsea buns, satsumas and newspaper. Ate them in sun.

Continued in afternoon and stopped for a pint in the sun.

Then the afternoons challenge was two fields of restless cows, some getting quite stroppy. And then gate wasnt in right field and i had to negotiate them again and chance the next field. Got quite hairy at times.

By now getting towards 7 and just glad that the first place i asked let me stay.

Distance today (km) 30, total 505

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