Day 31: Sun 1st May 2022

I’d been feeling generally low, not having had a conversation for over a week. Todays walk was a mixed of town and tracks over farmers fields. I got low on water while passing through Weedon Bec and popped into a pub and, for the first time ever, ordered a pot of tea. It took em a while to find the teapot but it arrived, enough for 3 proper cups and was wonderful.

My plan had been to buy a mark a bottle of wine from tesco but got there 20 mins after it closed. 2 km to nearest coop. And then noticed an unmarked costcutters just around corner from his house.

He was halfway up the street to meet up. What a lovely couple. Showered and then they washed and dried all my clothes. Make roast chicken and yorkshire pubs, baked pots and vegs. And cheesecake. All very nice. With beer and wine.

He’d sprung my visit on Moira, but she’d taken it well. Theyd had a bad couple of years, with her mum dying and family disputes and his mum going into a home. He’d built his shed out of pallets and garden with lovely, lawn and veg patch. Once had chickens but foxes got me.

Had been an engineer working at cosworth, now part time at some huge tower originally designed to test lifts. Now testing skyscraper plumbing and celebrity abseiling, eg. Rosie jones.

Very similar sense of humour. Moira went to bed and left us gassing.

That night a new sensation in the tent, the smell of clean clothes.

Distance today (km) 27, total 532

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