Day 32: Mon 2nd May 2022

Hadnt realised how much I’d needed a good laugh. Woke up to a cup of tea and then scrambled egg on toast. He’d even made me a couple of sandwiches to take with me.

He walked a mile or two showing me the eleanor cross, built for the dead queen eleanor as her body travelled uk, charing cross being another. Talked about how they were built. He said they got contracters, probably 3 quotes. I said no this is government. They just gave the contract to their friends.

Walked mostly road. Young girl on horse went past. Then a car came too fast in opposite direction. Think she was hoping he’d slow down but didnt. She turned around and gave him the finger. Road rage on horseback.

Second half of day on grand union canal again. Same old same old but lovely. Found a scrubby patch of woods, where someone had clearly recently camped and that should do. Probably campsite tomorrow with a day off.

Distance today (km) 20, total 552

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