Day 33: Tue 3rd May 2022

The canalside wood spot turned into a good one although its the 2nd woodland in a row for birds to unleash their cloacas on my tent.

Canalside again to begin, then a bit of farmland and then the strange industrial estate, dual carriageway, woody walks of Milton Keynes. The walks are lovely to look at but the roar of traffic is always nearby.
There are lakes too. Near one i saw a woman struggling to help a bloke back from it. He was a big guy, his mobility scooter near the pathway and hia fishing gear near the water. I offered help, which was accepted. I dont what had happened but we were dragging each foot to form a step. At one stage he exterted himself so much i thought he was going to be sick, poor bloke. But we got him to his scooter where he looked mighty relieved.

Carried on and eventually reached wetherspoons in bletchley. An organised game of bingo broke out, attended by 20 or 30 grey haired funsters. Wetherspoons bingo. Two swollen alcoholics “88”.

Then i checked my fb msgs and saw one from a nonfriend, emma street, who had chucked me some money recently on kofi, offering a place to stay in mk.

She picked me up and took me to her place and has been lovely and kind, tea and coffee, shower. Staying extra day. Bought her some rum because her msg hinted she liked it. Her mum died in a care house recently with covid. Was with a biker bloke 20 odd yrs but now single. Still a biker, blasting into europe and ireland. Really lovely person. Alexa. I said it feels like the future. Ive walked 500 kms and im in the future. Nice neighbour came round, has speed punch bag you can hear.

Distance today (km) 16, total 568

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