Day 34: Wed 4th May 2022

I posted early yesterday and so there are still some things to say. Emma cooked me a lovely salmon and roasted Mediterranean vegetables and we had a few rum and cokes and had a good chat. She seems to have taken on the role of my pr agent, trying to set up interviews and generally splashing me all over her fb page. She’s one very kind individual.

She talked about walking away from a 26 yr relationship and has now had a happy 3 yrs by herself but surrounded by good friends. I get the impression she makes friends easily.
She gave me her workroom as a bedroom and brought me a cup of tea this morning as i woke up.

Spent the day editing videos and then late afternoon emma took me to see the mk cows (fun but a bit crap) and try to recreate a lost video of my cow fight the other day. We also saw a triceratops (also fun, also crap) and some alice in wonderland inspired graffiti.

Evening was much like last night with nice healthy food, rum and chatting. Ive enjoyed my time here.

In other news malcolm got in touch to say he’s booked me into st albans premier inn on friday. What a star.

Distance today (km) 0, total 568

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