Day 35: Thu 5th May 2022

Woke up with tea again. She made me frosties and toast. Then said she’d made a packed lunch ( stealing more of Casey’s chicken), hob nobs, crisps, bag of sweets and a chocolate orange with a £20 inside. When i complained she said it was from her mum. Utter lovely. We took photos and said goodbye.

Glorious today. Actually hot. And great scenery, through woburn, gerri halliwell’s wedding church and the deer park.
In lovely everscholt stopped for a cider in the heat. And through toddington.

End of day near Dunstable. Stopped for a pot of tea in tescos costa and then went to find somewhere to camp in the woods. Found a spot. Fell over backwards. No harm done. Cleared brambles and set up. Ate my sandwiches. Very good.

Distance today (km) 28, total 596

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