Day 36: Fri 6th May 2022

After some weird bird like barking in last nights woods it was a very long deep sleep. Got moving by half 9.

Across a gold course and into lovely caddington and a breakfast stop at Nice baps, clearly run by a woman still terrified of covid, given that the door was sealed off and no one was allowed in. While waiting a fellow customer complained about the smell of dope coming from a nearby building. Whats times this to be smoking weed? he asked. I asked when was a reasonable time. He said after work. Maybe hes working nights. Anyway caddington is the spitting image of toddington even down to the village green and identical lest we forget park bench.

I continued. All farmland. Then through a field of cows or bulls. They came at me but not too close.

But the next field had a footpath through rapeseed that i had to fight through. At the end i looked like id been thrashed at paintball. Now i really looked tramplike.

Continued to st albans and to premier inn. Nice standard room. Had shower then out. Malcolm said a pint waited for me at the boot. Went there and met will, the owner. 4 pints later i left, hit tesco, had a bath, ate too much and was glad not to be in the woods.

Distance today (km) 22, total 618

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