Day 37: Sat 7th May 2022

Took as long as i could at the hotel before forcing myself out the world. St Albans was in the throes of some sort of international food market. Seems like a nice place.

Set off walking and soon passed over the M25, the beginning of London. Soon after was arsenal and watford’s training grounds. Watford’s seemed to contain only rugby posts, which could explain where theyve been going wrong all these years. Then came a very quiet colney airfield.

The rest of the day was woods and fields and generally lovely.

Upon entering barnet i decided on a strategy. Tonights camping possibility was the woods off muswell hill golf course. If those woods were sparsely treed it would only be safe to set up the tent as darkness fell. So i had some tims to kill. I found a wetherspoons in barnet and hid there for 2 hrs.

Setting off again i arrived at the forest at sunset but the entire place was fenced off with huge railings. Id have to look elsewhere.

I continued to Alexandra Park, but a lot of people about, and a couple of foxes. But a bit further, as darkness fell, i found a scrubbier bit that no one would have any reason to frequent and set up. Dodgy mission accomplished.

Distance today (km) 30, total 648

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