Day 38: Sun 8th May 2022

Got a decent amount of sleep. In the late hours various rabbles would be unleashed on the streets to shriek but they never came near to me. Probably got 5 hrs.

As soon as light, packed up and away.

Strange to see a city at that time of day. Got a 0730 bacon sandwich at a cafe near highbury. The turkish cafe bloke had been there since 2 preparing for a big football day.

Then walked through london. Shame to see hackney market before it opened. Looked like it look have been a multicultural wonder.

Feet sore. And stopped at hackney wetherspoons for 3 cups of tea for 1 pound 20.

Continued on. Millenium dome. Thames. Cable cars.

Met kinga, polish lass, nicely scuzzy. She asked where i was walking, the first person to do so in london. She’d been squatting and someonw had chucked her passport. But the universe was going to provide. Very positive. When i said i was most looking forward to mexico she said she had a friend there and hugged me. Lots of fist bumps. Nose piercing. Sexy in a slightly grubby way. Like me!

Through the woolwich foot tunnel, stinking of piss. The tunnel, not me. Though maybe me.

Then to another another wetherspoons for a burger and on to campsite.

So weird that this is here. Middle of suburban london, beautiful site. Theres nothing around here, bar a co-op but so what?

Distance today (km) 27, total 675

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