Day 4: Mon 4th April 2022

Today was supposed to be an easy one, a gentle day before a rest day.

Last night was a lot better although it rained all night. I didnt get to sleep until 2ish but then i slept right through till 9 and dozed till half ten.

Set off about 1115. predicted 1 hr 45. Perfect. I’d get to the campsite just as it opened at 1. As it turned out i arrived at 3.
First off, the route may have been on my screen but it wasnt on the ground. What was on the ground was swamp and then slippy muddy paths at the edges of sizeable drops and then pathways entirely blocked by fallen trees. When i asked my body to do a little climbing it complained that it hadnt been fed enough over these last few days for this sort of nonsense. On the plus side, the compeed I’d put on my feet seemed to be doing the job no complaints there.

Anyway, it took nearly 2 hours to cover the first 2 miles. I arrived at a farm and figured it must have a road to it. From there i abandoned and its walking plan and walked ro Clitheroe by road. The feet were fine but my back is now whinging about the backpack. I think it’s set too low. I’ll have a look at it tomorrow.

Arrived at campsite (caravanning and camping affiliate, usually cheap for backpackers) to find it’s now £11. Aside from the last cake i had for breakfast, i bought some sweets, biscuits and a tin of beans and sausage. Tomorrow I’ll eat properly.

Oh yes, and it rained most of the day. I dont think this rucksack cover is going to drop up to serious monsoon. It doesn’t cover the bag entirely.

In the tent, getting changed, i took off my socks and my two compeeds had fallen off. Bugger.

Distance today (km) 10.1 , total 83.4

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