Day 40: Tue 10th May 2022

Lazy start, going by half ten. Not a particularly long day and so i had time to kill. Stopped in wetherspoons in bexleyhill or is it bexleyheath? Only intended to drink them dry of tea for the price of one cup but then also had a mini pizza for lunch.

Afternoon weather improved. Not long before m25 i saw a blow up doll stuck in a tree. A workman saw me photograph it. “Its not yours, is it? he yerked like Sid James.

Over m25. Thats london done, 35th biggest city in world and 4th in europe.

Other than that very rural, pleasant walking. Stopped for a pint and to fill up on water. Landlady talked to me. When i mentioned the walk she shook my hand like paul hollywood. Another bloke in pub told me about betterpoints, an app that pays you vouchers for walking. Sounds too good to be true, unless the vouchers are 10% off types. Real old man pub. Empty.

Continued on to tonights woods. Thought it was safe down a lane with no traffic in woods with locked gates in an area with no houses. Set up tent and then 2 women cycled past. Either didnt see me or didnt care (or are currently on phone to police).

Distance today (km) 20 , total 695

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