Day 41: Wed 11th May 2022

An annoying day. Loads of road walking with massive hedges to block the view. Then loads of steep up and downs a la cornwall. No views at the top and then back down again.

Walked through New Ash Green, which seemed like a rural council estate, but one that was well maintained by the council, unlike south sheffield. Its centre though was this scuzzy looking precinct. Very odd.

A cold wind blew all morning and then the forecast rain arrived, a pissy drizzle from about 2. Its 7 now and sounds to be stopping.

Put money in my transferwise account today to test in uk before using it abroad. Popped into pub during rain to buy pot of tea. No pots so she sold me a cup of tea for £2.20. But at least i got to test the card. It works!

Unmemorial day except peter bridge over medway although rain meant no photos.

Not sure about tonights camp. Very near road, but invisible i think. Ground looks unowned but houses nearby.

Tickets for calais now not available till 22nd. How can that be? Advice from a pilgrim site is just to turn up and buy one for the next boat. Lets hope that works.

Distance today (km) 23, total 718

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