Day 42: Thu 12th May 2022

Terrible night’s sleep. The inflatable mattress, which has been slowly deflating, finally gave up. No insulation from floor, very cold, and very lumpy. No sleep until the sun came up.

Luckily found that only 5 miles away is the centre of Maidstone and a mountain warehouse. Also good because original root lacked any food. Went into town, got old fashioned map, got bfast and lots of cheap tea from wetherspoons and continued.

Weather lovely, through nice mote park and then on to north downs way and pilgrims way. One long near continuous path. Halfway along a wooden shrine to brother percival, sitting on a bench. Deep crack in his head – age or malice act with an axe?

Continued on and path got woodier. Then noticed a track into woods. Popped out on the corner of a field, busy dual carriageway a long way away. Then could see me with binoculars but they wont. Quite a cool place to camp.

Just learned sarah probably wont be in brussels when i turned up. Thats 3 now, including claire and malcolm. Bugger!

Distance today (km) 28, total 746

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