Day 45: Sun 15th May 2022

Nightmare! The morning walk to dover was pleasant and uneventful. Dropped stuff at hotel and charged battery. Popped to wetherspoons for endless tea and american breakfast and then went to buy ticket.

No foot passengers allowed. Stroppy woman on security desk chosen for her withering stare told me to phone p&o on the phone they had. Couldnt help me. Neither could dfds.

Options were 1: get a bike 2: cadge a lift 3: yacht 4: walk to harwich. Yacht marina said hardly anyone going across at this time of year. Put call out to bbc radio kent to see if they could find a car. Asked for bike on facebook marketplace.

Then saviour! Alexia lives in deal, 20 mins away, and had an old bike. She and russ turned up in their camper van and dropped it off. Had a good chat. She wrote a play or two that was being performed but then cancelled cos of covid. Russ gave me a bottle of wine as i left.

Went back to ferry terminal but what i thought was sales desk now closed. Back to hotel room for shower and wash my clothes.

Distance today (km) 13, total 807

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