Day 48: Wed 18th May 2022

Stef took a photo of me before i left. Shin splints started immediately and seriously messed with the enjoyment of day.

First 5 miles to village felt like forever. Bought some bread, camembert, garlic sausage to make sandwich and biscuits. Ate them on a bench outside a women’s clothes shop. It may have been there for decoration.

Popped 2 x 2 painkillers. Eased things slightly. Realised i was never going to do the 32 km I’d hoped to do and in afternoon found a brand new campsite only 3km away.

A sort of ecological retreat. I think i interrupted someones meditation when i asked if i could camp. They were young wwoof volunteers.

Introduced me to owners dad who showed me there veg growing area and the camping section (a bit rough and ready). They want to use it to help autistic kids. The peace here would probably help.

Theres a bar onsite but only open saturdays. Mentioned my birthday and so he said he had to find me a beer. A 7.5% belgian one i had after sitting tent up.

Getting up afterwards foot feels a bit swollen. This is not the time to have to slow down.

Distance today (km) 23, total 878

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