Day 5: Tue 5th April 2022

Not much to say today as it’s a rest day. Slept properly for the rest time since starting last night but loads of weird dreams again. I was fighting bloody zombies!

Got up and walked to the chemist to buy Compeed to replace the ones that fell off in wet socks. I’m hoping that having them already on dry feet for 24 hrs will mean they stay on a bit better.

Also got a breakfast pasty and climbed up to Clitheroe Castle to take the photo John N requested of Clitheore FC and Pendle (hidden by cloud).

Clitheroe’s a lovely little town with its own character, a rare attribute these days in the UK.

Then back to the tent via Spar nabbing a bagful of bread, ham, tomato salsa instead of butter, orange juice, satsumas, cake, chocolate and sweets. Need the calories.

Heather still hasn’t been back in touch and so it looks like my trip to Harwood is off. Hope I can make it all the way to Rita’s instead.

Spent the rest of the day editing videos, writing blogs and eating. Early night tonight and early(ish) start tomorrow. Weather forecast utterly appalling.

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