Day 50: Fri 20th May 2022

Another day of gentle nothingness. Finished the Pigeon English book i bought at that church sale. Worked out how to charge my battery by hanging my rainjacket inside a carrier bag and hanging bag from the socket. Balance battery on jacket and if it all falls down jacket offers protection.

Today met and paid rubens the blonde dreadlocked haired owner. Nice guy. Of course he lives in a yurt. He lets the volunteers have the house. He said i could help manage to the veg. Ill have a look but limited options with my tiny pan that took 20 mins today to heat enough water to a sufficient temperature for tea.

Hasnt been as boring as you might think. Just chilling in the woods listening to the birdsong, trying to work out how this all fits in if it slows me down properly.

Today ate the rest of the camembert, the cake – swiss roll nice – and some of the nuts.

Tomorrow i think ill brave a slow, short-stepped walk to the supermarket 2 miles away. Theres also a cafe en route if i need a break.

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