Day 51: Sat 21st May 2022

Leg test day. I walked the 2 miles to the nearest supermarket and back. It’s now swollen up again. Still, bought 3 days of food and so wont have to go again for a bit.

Malcolm (St Albans) sent me a link about shin splints, which pointed to the realisation i probably already have a fracture (one bit of shin bone sore rather than surrounding muscle). That would been going home and doing nothing for 8 weeks. But why has it happened? Two possibilities. While running years ago i introduced a weakness that has now developed. Or my bones are fucked.

Anyway also got some cream at chemist in town. She wasnt for seeling me a compression sock thing which was probably right now i know what i know.

Asked rubens for a plastic chair.  He could be Daenerys Targaryen’s brother, he’s that blonde. I got my chair.

Been thinking of solutions should the leg be the worst. The nearest useful bus stop is about the same distance i walked today. From there a bus and two trains to brussels to see sarah. Then cheap ryanair flight 9€ back to uk from charleroi airport.

A trek doesnt have to be on foot. If my leg bones are bolloxed then i could morph this thing into a global bike ride, but not blasting through each country, still taking 7 or so years over it.

Lets see. For now im here resting. Sitting in a chair and drinking the cheapest bottle of red wine the supermarket had (€1.60). Where were the cartons? Thats what i want to know.

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