Day 52: Sun 22nd May 2022

Nice day. Wandered into bambecque simply because i couldnt believe that it didnt have an ATM. It doesnt. The nearest one is 5 km as the cross flies.

Aside from that i sat on my new chair and rested. In the evening juliet came over with biscot the dog (he’s biscotti coloured). She told about her ailments, her allergies and sensitivity to “electrosmog” (basically 5g and wireless). She still has a phone though. She said doctors think she’s crazy, its all in her head but she said its a real thing.

She gave up working because of “burnout”. Details were scarce but she was a celtic harp teacher in music schools. Now that is bloody niche. Shes signed out sick for now and is living in the worlds smallest caravan here on the site.

She also mentioned her hungarian boyfriend, how he’d been alcoholic and homeless before they got together 4 yrs ago. Only hungarian word she knew, apart from thank you, was something that meant “jesus’s cock”. I taught her the word for cheese (“shite” though possibly not that spelling).

She seems like a nice lass, very sensitive, and from a family of artists, now all gone. Her grandfather painted a huge picture of D-Day (she’s originally from dunkerque) but every soldier was her grandad. I couldnt work out whether it was intentional or he was limited with different body types.

She has some sort of clay-based natural swelling relief, but it has to be put on wet and allowed to dry and tomorrow is also rainy and im hoping to start moving again on wednesday.

The movement is to the next campsite and is only twice the round-trip distance (13km) to the supermarket here, but obviously with the backpack. But the site is only 5km from the nearest town of any size, with a cash machine, doctor (hopefully not necessary) and train station if i need to leg it to brussels to get home.

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