Day 54: Tue 24th May 2022

Juliet brought around the magic clay, a grey-green paste. After shopping at the supermarket i applied the gunk. Tea towel, 1cm thick layer of clay, gauze added to leg. It got everywhere. It wasnt an unpleasant feeling but it hasnt made any difference.

The leg swelling had gone this morning but returned after the 6km walk to the shop and back.

Made the decision to leave on Thursday. Suspect leg might be paining a bit by the time i get to the campsite, but I’ll go slowly and rest whenever possible, which given France’s lack of benches might not be so often.

Spoke to Nina in the evening who just come back from seeing Spence. He sent some pointers about improving the videos, mostly about being further from the  camera (use selfie stick) and putting all thank yous at the end.

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