Day 58: Sat 28th May 2022

Hopefully the last non-forward-moving day for a while.

I got up mid-morning and walked to the shop and back (4 miles), buying a loaf, cheese, salami and that head pate which is more like jelly.

Back to the site and showered, sometimes dressed to wash my stinky t-shirt. Kept the wet t-shirt on to dry it. Very efficient. I also won two wet t-shirt competition, principally because of the size of my breasts.

Ruben had confirmed the house had wifi and so i used this as an opportunity to upload my london video (now 2 wks old). Im getting too far behind!

Then i walked back to the cafe/bar in bambecque for a farewell beer and stretch the leg further (another 1.5 miles). Today’s total is 2/3rds of tomorrow. Unless weight is the critical factor, all is looking good for tomorrow.

And the chicken had about 6 baby chicks this afternoon. Im going to miss this place.

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