Day 73: Mon 11th July 2022

Nice to see you all again. It’s good to be back. Although the way the leg performed today it could be a short return.

The journey down was pleasant enough but uneventful. It was my first visit to Liverpool when I wasn’t witness to some sort of crime. That said, a busker was murdering Michael Buble. (Oh, and before I forget, I’ll now be more careful adding a joke like one to Facebook. My “lets burn down the court house” remark nearly saw me sent to Facebook jail. I’m on notice.)

The buses were busier this time and i had people sat next to me. One guy clearly had covid and maybe also tb and monkey pox.

While having a quick pint in London between buses I met Nancy. She said, “I know I’m wasted but normally I’m very together.” She’d had a day of tennis final, F1, drinking, meeting muscians and poets and then me. What a day! She told me four times that Maastricht is a party town, but then again she was very wasted. Australian, probably sixties, told me she was a witch with lots of karmic energy, whatever that means. She was very affectionate, and wasted, and hugged me twice.

Caught bus. Got a voucher for a free meal on the ferry for some reason. Had a spicy beef rib curry and chips.

Arrived in Maastricht half an hour late. Needed cash and shopping, and after one night with little sleep and one with none at all, needed to walk to nearest campsite and lie down.

The whole walk was only an easy 10 km but i can already tell the leg’s still not right. Didnt hurt but felt like it did before it started to in the past and is now a little bit swollen. This is extremely annoying.

Let’s see how it is in the morning.

Distance today (km) 10, total 1192

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