Day 74: Tue 12th July 2022

After yesterday’s less than perfect leg i decided to do another wussy 10 km day to see if that was a stable distance or if it still got worse. It appears to be an ok distance, although walking that every day would take more than 11 years to conplete this without a day off and so its hardly a solution.

Today was slow walking and lots of sitting around. Its quite difficult to turn 10 km into a day’s walk, even setting off at midday, and it was all small-town walking.

A brief highlight was aldi but the netherlands seems to be on a par with Belgium prices rather than those i saw in Germany’s Aachen.

Passed a nice castle connected to Vulkenburg. It had once been the most expensive property for sale in the netherlands.

Another highlight was smashing the 3% (1200 km) barrier. Hardly smashing it.

The campsite was expensive (over 18 euro) and they wanted to charge extra for showers. Field not perfectly flat as it should be if charging more than a fiver. Went to site cafe/bar just before 5 as it was closing. Probably just as well since i managed to get a half litre for €6.60. Have i fallen asleep and woken up in Iceland?

Distance today (km) 10, total 1202

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