Day 76: Thu 14th July 2022

Was banned from facebook for 24 hours because i told Ali i would “beat him” at tennis. The mention of tennis was in the previous comment and so obviously the bots are not programmed to consider context. They just saw that i would beat him. When i asked for them to review it, presumably by a human, they still banned me. What hope do the bots have? Do i now really have to use “vanquish” instead of beat?

Late start having all this time to kill because I’m not walking so far. Think i might have annoyed my fellow campers by falling asleep with the radio on last night. The volume was very low though.

Wandered back on to the main road and passed the Germany sign. And then i was on the outskirts of Aachen and walking past the first hotel i stayed in there (Paseo) when my leg went last month.

Stopped at possibly the world’s prettiest cemetery for a while and continued into centre.

Aachen had felt like a big place when i visited by train but walking through i realised just how small it is.

The cathedral is lovely despite the scaffolding. Inside is the tomb of Charlemagne and there are huge, tall stained glass windows.

Later on i walked to the wooded hills to find somewhere to camp. A lot of people about but i went higher and then thinned out to nothing.

Got talking to a german guy who asked if i was camping in the woods. I said i didn’t know in case he was gestapo but he seemed ok with the idea.

Now regretting i didnt spend another €2.99 on another bottle of fruit wine as i passed Aldi this morning. Still, my liver will thank me for it.

Distance today (km) 15, total 1233

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