Day 77: Fri 15th July 2022

Difficult to make today sound interesting. I left the forest i camped in. I walked along a main road for about 3 miles, which included an Aldi and a pastry breakfast. A quick perusal of their wine section showed that the lovely Dutch fruit wine didn’t make it over the border sadly.

I dived down a few lanes, one of which was full of cows going somewhere seemingly guided by no one.

The woods returned in the evening but the campsite i was heading for was closed and so i continued a couple more miles and camped in the woods. The cheap option but the less sociable option.

Today was 19km and my leg and foot are ok. There’s still the feeling that if i push it a lot more it’ll die again and so for now I’ll keep things light. Tonorrow is around 24km. If i can keep that sort of distance up every day then it wouldnt be awful. But i need to get the comfortable distance to be at least 30 km and ideally more so that this things takes years rather than decades.

Still, a nice camp in the woods and all is well. Lets hope i don’t hear the strange death curdle screaming creature in the woods last night. It slowed backed off from the tent screaming as it went. And while theres not much hear to harm me (wild boars?) it was still a little unnerving.

Distance today (km) 19, total 1252

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