Day 78: Sat 16th July 2022

Well, i solved the question of the awful barking. Last night, before closing the tent flaps, i heard it again. I looked out and a lovely deer bounced past. Such a terrible sound from such a beautiful creature.

The first third of the day was in dense forest and then i hit a nice enough little town (Lammersdorf) but everything seemed closed this saturday afternoon.

Then a long, long road to Schmidt, looking down on Lake Rur, surrounded by forest. Schmidt supposed had 2 supermarkets, both closed. One had moved to the location of the other and the other had disappeared completely. Nowhere to get water.

So i walked back into town a little bit to a fast food place, had a kebab and goats cheese pizza (7/10) and beer and filled up my water bottles in the toilet there.

Then continued a few km to the woods. Third night in a row. These are the densest yet. If i hadnt marked my way in I’m not sure I’d find my way out.

Tomorrow’s looking sketchy for water. May have to knock on someone’s door.

Distance today (km) 25, total 1277

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