Day 79: Sun 17th July 2022

A really lovely day but not much to write about because i hardly saw anyone and absolutely everything was closed.

I started through more woods and found an unattended bathroom at a campsite in Abenden where i refilled my water bottles.

Then it was corn and kale and wheat, wide open spaces and diving to sit on benches under shady trees. Felt hot but not too hot. Apparently it was only 27C and tomorrow is 34C.

Two pubs listed on had closed down or never existed, as had a cafe and a fast food place. Lucky i had food on me. I’d be worried about a water shortage given how little i have left but i kbow there’s a supermarket nearby if nothing else turns up.

Near the end of the day the little bridge to my chosen camping woods had been destroyed, as had the next bit of road. They offered a telegraph pole to shimmy across but no thanks. Luckily i eventually found an old platform across the river but it meant wading through a field of wheat and sneaking over a railway line to find my intended woods.

Distance today (km) 28, total 1305

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