Day 80: Mon 18th July 2022

Today was super hot. I had tons of water but it wasnt enough. I arrived at aldi and bought 3x 1.5 littes and a pretzel and a mini pizza and ate them at the closest shady sitting area, a skateboard park for little fuckers, their mums looking at me like i was a paedo for sitting there. No, im knackered!

Anyway, the mini pizza caused digestive problems and the lucky location of a wood provided a toilet for me. Im not proud of that. Its just i want to avoid newport situations (for anyone who read Route Britaniania south).

The second wood i had to find but my body was more together by then. The third time there was a beautifully located supermarket and its toilet.

I continued. Hot and sweaty. I found a shady spot and fell asleep. It was very hucklebery fin and very lovely.

Then i reached rheinbach and its aldi. I bought the ingredienta to celebrate my legal win. And then i got a fabtastic kebab and two beers and found my spot in the woods.

But eating my kebab i met rudiger who suggested somewhere for me and then said i could stay at his place. He was a bit of a Steven Toast. Porn star paunch and tasche and licivious look. He first suggested a camping apot and then invited me to his emporium, with his massive 70s tasche.

The kebab was spectacular and everyone should try one.

And i seem to have pulled the nail off my little toe.

Tomorrow is mega hot and so i think a day off, hiding all my stuff here.

Oh, and the fuckers decided to drop my thousand pound court case.

Distance today (km) 23, total 1328

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