Day 81: Tue 19th July 2022

Hot day reaching 38C in the afternoon. Fortunately there was a cooling breeze to make it bearable.

Lots more woods and some small towns with timbered frame houses. German housing is so much more attractive than in uk. Here every house is different, completely different. None of this identical stuff you get on British housing estates.

At one stage i stopped for a rest and a bloke gave me an ice cold coke. I said i was going to Neuenahr and he told me about the floods that killed over a hundred people there almost exactly last year. He said it doesn’t look its best because lots of businesses closed or are being refurbished.

Later on i came across a “spiritual shelter”, a wooden hut, open at two ends to let a breeze through and a wooden bench. It was a nice place to spend an hour chilling.

Reached Neuenahr. The guy was right about the way it looked. Hard to imagine the tiny river running through it could cause so much damage.

Stopped at an irish pub. Needed a cold beer. There was snakebite on the menu and so i had to have one.

Then walked to the woods. Not much flat ground, and the space i found was visible to a main path, but no one came down it all night.

Distance today (km) 23, total 1351

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