Day 82: Wed 20th July 2022

Only a short day but it felt longer. It started with a sweaty 200 metre climb through the forest.

All day long i only passed through one small town, Franken, where i raided its cemetery for water, and lovely and cold it was too. Today was a little cooler but still 31C and when out of the woods with a nice strong breeze.

Arrived near campsite expecting it to be closed since so many around here are, and this one is right on a river. I could see it from my high path, the one wanted me to descend my the shortest route. It would have been a quick route to death.

Anyway, not only is the campsite open but it had a little shop and place to charge things. And I’d already booked a hotel for tomorrow for charging purposes. But the rooms wouldnt have been available later, and there’ll still be some more charging to do.

The dutch couple in the next tent, cycle tourists, leant me some pegs to hang my washing in the strong wind. And think i probably need to wash the trousers again. They aren’t so clean. Better than they were.

For my dinner i had chorizo and camembert butties using ingredients I’ve been lugging around for a while. I even had to pick a green bit off the bread. It tasted alright and now, two hours later, i aint sick.

Distance today (km) 16, total 1367

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