Day 83: Thu 21st July 2022

The plan was to leave the campsite to arrive at the hotel as close to the 4pm check in time as possible. I sponged last night’s thunderstorm off the outside of the tent and just as I’d finished it started to rain again.

Anyway on the road for 0845 and the first part of the day was lovely, with the Rhein in view, ships and tourist boats chugging up at down and waterside churches.

Then got me to walk on quite a busy, pavement-less road for a mile and half before i could eacape to the banks of the rhein. Saw some pants hanging in a tree. Someone had had an accident.

Walked through Andernach, lovely and busy waterside town.

Route veered away from the river. Found some wild apple trees and took a few. Not fully ripe and a bit on the sour side.

Later in day just walking by long straight main roads. I could see my 150m hill in distance. Not high but very steep path.

An old guy came running after me and gave me 4 home grown gurks and wished me luck. He asked me if i was german and so clearly he wasnt. Poss turkish.

Up and over the steep hill and into my hotel. Old fashioned but room was massive with a fridge and a big fan. Also a youtube enabled telly. The system had been set up in croatian. Just as well I’m learning it or elae I’d never have been able ro switch it back to english.

Distance today (km) 24, total 1391

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