Day 84: Fri 22nd July 2022

Got up 8ish and dicked around in my apartment-sized room watching big screen YouTube till 11.

Walked to Koblenz. Having walked in it’s a bloody liberty that they pretend this hotel is in Koblenz. It took me two hours.

The outskirts are the same as outskirts everywhere.

I think i walked on the wrong side of the bridge beside a dual carriageway over the Mosel. My side was very thin and the other was a wide path but there was no way over there.

The town of Koblenz was nice enough, with some lovely churches, but its better on the river, in Deutsches Eck, where the Mosel meets the Rhein. Lots of tourists in this bit, including those who have arrived by river boat, being herded around like 5 year olds.

The castle across the river looks great, with the cable cars going over the water. And a big statue on Deutsches Eck needs me to look up what it is because I’m sure its important.

Walked back out of town over the Rhein, on the right side this time, and then up another steep sweaty hill to find camp.

The later woods were steep on all sides until i looked a bit harder and found somewhere flat enough for a comfortable sleep.

Distance today (km) 16, total 1407

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