Day 85: Sat 23rd July 2022

Heard what sounded like explosions or gun shots in the night but i may well have been dreaming. Also some snuffly creature approached the tent. Not sure what it was.

Escaping the forest was harder than expected. One of my paths didnt really exist and was in any case fenced off with an electric fence. But i had to go that way and so walked around the fence until i came to a metal gate and climbed it. Apparently it was sealed off because special wildlife was in there, but i didnt see anything. Earlier, I’d seen a noticeboard showing that there was wildcats (lynx?) In this bit of Germany.

Descended down a steep track, passing a hillside chapel complete with German Bible and landed in Fachbach from which i followed the Lahn river through picture postcard scenery. High sided steep tree-stuffed valley. Bad Ems looked glitzy but i was on the wrong side of the river for a proper look.

Eventually arrived in Dausenau and decided to call it a short day on its campsite. Its a pretty if nothing sorr of town without a shop. Got a pizza from the only place near the site.

Very busy. Loads of holidaymakers. Its lovely but I’ll be glad to escape this valley. It doesnt offer any real choice than just to follow it. And wildcamping looks near impossible around here and the nearby woods would be too steep in any case.

Distance today (km) 14, total 1421

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