Day 86: Sun 24th July 2022

Very nearly nothing to tell you except i walked all day by a bendy river, with steep wooded hillsides and people splashing about in canoes and speedboats and houseboats (literally houses on boats). Nothing to break this up bar a cheese pastry from one of the few things I could find in Nassau.

Then i reached Laurenburg where I’d spotted a snack bar open on a sunday. I had a very tasty currywurst and chips and a couple of cold beers when Gabbi and Robert turned up, both attractive people.

At first i thought she’d called me a “mental case” but it must have been something that sounded like that because she guffawed when i explained what it meant. We both took the other to be Dutch for some reason. She sat next to me and was very touchy feely despite by summer stench.

At their insistence we quickly moved on to “du”, the first time i can remember that happened with a german but she said she was du with almost everyone.

She was 52 and he a little older. She was either a physiotherapist or a psychotherapist (very similar in german) but he’s not working since being made redundant from Opal.

Then she invited me to stay with them. I’m pencilled in for Tuesday where it would appear a lot of meat is going to be grilled and lots of beer and wine consumed.

She has grown up kids from an earlier relationship. He hasn’t even. Theyve been married 5 years.

Free-ranging conversation about motorcycle death on the Isle of Man, how much I’d enjoyed spleen in Morocco, how goat liver tagine in Morocco had made my piss all goaty smelling for three days, what the word “handy” means in english (this seemed to be a running argument they’d had because when it turned out she was right she told him to lick her arse. My, my german is better than i remembered) and that they would gladly appear in my next youtube video.

Really nice couple and you’ll hopefully meet them again in a couple of days.

Distance today (km) 22, total 1443

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