Day 87: Mon 25th July 2022

Not much for today. I climbed out of the Lahm river valley and had a glorious day through countryside and woods, barely seeing another soul all day.

The promised thunderstorm once again gave spots of rain and nothing else. I got to wear my new orange coat for the first time since restarting but had to take if off shortly after when the rain stopped and the sun came out again. It’s been reforecast for tomorrow morning.

So now I’m in some woods near Kirberg and i could be better hidden but i cant be arsed to move. I also suspect I’m camping fairly close to a wasps’ nest.

Finished early cos i was expecting storms but now I’m here killing time on a lovely evening, surrounded by wasps, not wanting to actually set up the tent in case a passerby gives the game away.

It’s also quite breezy and the trees up above are making creaking noises. I hope I dont wake up to a falling branch through the skull.

Distance today (km) 22, total 1465

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